Harley Street International Patient Services

At Harley Street International Patient Services your clinical care is our priority and our dedicated team are committed to making each medical journey a personal one.

Excellence in Bespoke Clinical Care

We look after our patients personally from your first contact. We understand that medical treatment can be complex and we are here to navigate on your behalf.
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We Already know who you need to see

Our network of Doctors are among the most highly regarded in their areas of expertise.
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Patient Management

We look after our patients personally from your first contact. We understand that medical treatment can be complex and we are here to navigate on your behalf. We believe your treatment should be bespoke and that you are not a number, everything we do is personalised to your needs.

We work together with your chosen specialist, their team of nurses and administrators so you don’t have to. We seek the most convenient times for consultations, arrange for any notes to be reviewed.

Our team are also on hand to help with travel arrangements, domestic help and bespoke requirements.

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Worried about your journey home? We can provide a full doctor and paramedic team to accompany you on your flight back, and if necessary, hand you over to your local medical team, ensuring continuity of care.
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Priority Consultations

Our close working relationships mean we will have you face to face with your doctor quickly. Whether your consultation is the same day or the same week our dedicated care team will find the most suitable consultation on your behalf. We can also provide biographies of your specialist, clinic times and locations. We are also happy to send relevant medical history ahead of time to allow maximum time for your consultation.
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Concierge Service

Bespoke hospitality during your treatment. Ranging from chauffeur driven cars to pick you up from the airport and to your consultations to luxury hotels nearby. We ensure you only need to worry about your medical treatment and we will take care of your travel needs in London
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International Patient Services: Who We Are

It’s a bewildering, scary time when you’re seriously ill, which is why our healthcare company aims to take you by the hand and lead you through the maze of diagnostics, specialists and treatments.

Our philosophy is to place you in control of our Health, so we fully understand what impacts your sense of wellness or illness and to provide you with the knowledge and guidance to feel in control again. In addition, we provide a fully managed service that ensures a continuity of care right through from initial diagnosis through to achieving the best possible resolution.

We founded The Harley Street International Patient Services because we wanted to translate cutting-edge research into real-world health solutions. To help us to realise this dream, we’ve assembled the UK’s best and brightest team of experts. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, innovation and uncompromised drive to exceed expectations. So whether you’re after total rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit or simply a second opinion, we’ve got you covered..

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Why We Are Different



Throughout, all services are underpinned by a unique approach of utter personalisation, the most advanced medical science, deep root cause analysis and on-going health advocacy.



The Harley Street International Patient Service was founded by Dr Mo Akmal, one of London’s most respected and well established private doctors. The Practice is based at the Prestigious Harley Street Hospital, London and provides UK-based and international patients with a comprehensive range of excellent private healthcare.



Some members need more than a concierge. Their needs are so great and complex, our team accesses a diverse group of health care professionals including a medical director, pharmacist, case managers, social workers, and other specialists. Together, they can help members get the care they need.

Please note that our service and the multidisciplinary group of professionals do not provide health care. They help you get the health care that you need.



Visitors to the UK from abroad who become ill during their time here often turn to their embassy for help and support. When this happens, many of London’s major foreign embassies turn to Harley Street International Patient Services to support them.

We have quality assured doctors, nurses and other professional ready to provide you with comprehensive solutions

First Consultation

We coordinate all your medical needs from your very first consultation and provide reassurance throughout your treatment.

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Highly Qualified Team


Dr Ali ElBurai

Co-Founder, CEO

Dr ElBurai has over 15 years of experience in providing high quality concierge services to Middle Eastern patients.

Dr Mo Akmal MD

Co-Founder, Medical Director

Mr Mo Akmal, Consultant Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon specialist in spinal disorders in London UK, is an Orthopedic Spinal Surgeon specialising in the management of back and neck pain.

Get In Touch!

We are looking forward to serving your needs when you visit the UK.

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19 Harley Street
London W1G 9QJ

Business Hours

Mon – Fri …… 10 am – 8 pm
Sat, Sun …… 10 am – 4 pm


+44 (0) 8445892610
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